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Advancing responsible mining: DCAF-ICRC recommendations incorporated in IGF’s Mining Policy Framework Update

Key recommendations submitted by the DCAF-ICRC Partnership in response to the open call from the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) have made their way into the Mining Policy Framework (MPF) Update. Ratified by member countries in November 2023, this guidance represents the practices required for good environmental, social, and economic governance of the mining sector and the generation and equitable sharing of benefits to contribute to sustainable development.

The updated MPF now includes explicit duties for governments to promote respect for human rights and international humanitarian law among mining companies based on DCAF-ICRC suggestions. When it comes to compliance with national and international laws and implementation of responsible business conduct standards, the DCAF-ICRC Addressing Security and Human Rights Toolkit is referenced as guidance on addressing security-related risks. This acknowledgement underscores the practical value of DCAF-ICRC resources to encourage mining entities to make positive contributions to economic, environmental, and social progress, and to minimize adverse impacts from their operations.

This milestone signifies a meaningful step towards aligning mining policies with responsible security, human rights, and humanitarian principles. It not only promotes compliance of local operations with international standards but also strengthens mechanisms for protecting the rights of affected communities and individuals. As we celebrate this achievement, we emphasize that DCAF-ICRC resources stand ready to assist mining companies in implementing these responsible mining guidelines. This collaborative effort reinforces DCAF-ICRC’s commitment to advancing international standards for responsible mining practices and highlights the positive impact that meaningful engagement can have on shaping global policy frameworks.