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Strengthening standards on mining: DCAF-ICRC Partnership contributes to IRMA Mining Standard Consultation

DCAF and the ICRC have jointly submitted feedback to the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA)’s public consultation on the draft Standard for Responsible Mining and Minerals Processing 2.0.

DCAF-ICRC’s contribution recommended that the Standards’ new version should strengthen commitments to promoting respect for human rights and international humanitarian law in the mining sector. DCAF-ICRC emphasized the importance of conflict prevention as well as assessment and mitigation of security-related risks to communities, workers, and business operations (particularly in Chapter 3.4. Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Area Due Diligence). Furthermore, DCAF-ICRC recommended that IRMA strengthen rules for private and public security providers, including on the use of force (particularly in Chapter 3.5. Security Arrangements).

IRMA’s approach to responsible mining is to independently assess social and environmental performance at the mine site-level, using the IRMA Mining and Minerals Processing Standard. This framework seeks to foster transparency regarding the effects of mining and to enhance practices throughout supply chains through impartial verification.  As of 7 February 2024, 19 industrial scale mines are independently assessing against the IRMA Standard.