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Call for Project Partners - Toolkit and Knowledge Hub on Addressing Security and Human Rights Challenges in Complex Environments

Since 2012, DCAF and ICRC have developed tools and guidance in response to needs expressed by companies, governments and civil society organisations. The two main products are the Security and Human Rights Challenges in Complex Environments Toolkit and Knowledge Hub. Both these resources have had a major impact on the policies and practices of international companies and other stakeholders, contributing to the implementation of multistakeholder initiatives such as the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. In addition, translation of the Toolkit into French, Spanish and Chinese has enabled the promotion of good practice to a wide range of different actors and contexts.

Demand for our work has grown significantly over recent years. This provides an opportunity to expand our partnership, connect with complementary expertise and generate new thinking around our engagement. DCAF and ICRC are looking to forge a multi-year partnership with an academic, policy research, think tank or civil society organisation. In particular, the partner will play a lead role in ensuring the Toolkit and Knowledge Hub remain relevant and fit-for-purpose, continuously evolving in order to achieve maximum impact.

More information can be found in the ‘Call for partnership’ document. If you think you are the right organization, please submit your application by 29th February 2020 to Your application should include the following elements:


  1. Motivational statement explaining why the applicant wishes to partner with DCAF and ICRC;
  2. Clear methodology and implementation plan for the updating and continuous improvement of a) the Toolkit and b) the Knowledge Hub as ‘living resources’;
  3. Innovative proposals on how to further develop and promote these resources with different stakeholder groups;
  4. Evidence of track record of applied research / tools development in the field of business, human rights and security;
  5. Description / bios indicating specific expertise in this subject area that will be dedicated to the project;
  6. An analysis of how the applicant will sustain its contribution to the partnership – in terms of human and financial resources – over a 3-year period;
  7. Availability to engage with DCAF-ICRC on this project beginning Q2 2020 with the objective to deliver an initial update of the Toolkit / Knowledge Hub by Q4 2020.