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Sharing Good Practices Between Private Security Regulators in the Southern African Region

The workshop sought to initiate and stimulate discussions with countries within the Southern Africa region, regarding the status of the private security industry. In addition, the workshop facilitated the sharing of good practices to improve or ensure the effective regulation of the private security industry. The objective was to collaborate shared expertise on knowledge and structure of the private security industry to ensure the effective regulation of the industry. Participants considered the possibility of establishing a network of private security regulators in the region.

This report provides an overview of the discussions and debates shared during the meeting. The report also outlines participants’ presentations regarding the status of regulatory frameworks across the Southern Africa region and discusses the challenges and good practices in regulation. Third, it unpacks the need for regulation of the industry in the region and presents workshop conclusions and practical steps forward, focusing on the establishment of a network of regulators to support national regulatory authorities in their respective countries.