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New Webinar - Case Studies on Voluntary Principles Implementation

On 7 July 2020, the DCAF-ICRC partnership presented a webinar with the Voluntary Principles on "Case Studies on Voluntary Principles (VPs) Implementation". With Claude Voillat from the ICRC and Annie Burdzy from the DCAF, among others, joining as panelists, the webinar introduced and discussed the need to better understand and build on the range of VPs implementation activities being carried out in different settings.

The webinar took the form of a round-table conversation between the Moderator and the Panelists, focusing on specific examples of efforts to move the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights from Principles to Practice. Panelists also indicated the main challenges they encountered in advancing VPs implementation and the potential way for the initiative to help at the international level.

The recording and further information about the webinar are available here.