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Toolkit for the Prevention of Violence against Human Rights Defenders (DCAF and CREER)

In the framework of the DCAF's Security and Human Rights Mechanism, DCAF supported a project developed by the Regional Center for Responsible Business and Entrepreneurship (CREER) to build a multistakeholder toolkit for the prevention of violence against human rights defenders and social leaders in the Guajira region of Colombia.

The toolkit is targeted for different stakeholders involved in protection and prevention policies:

  • Local and regional governments 
  • National government
  • Social leaders and civil society organisations
  • Companies

The Toolkit was developed on the basis of a diagnostics study that identified the risks of violence and attacks faced by social leaders and human rights defenders. The diagnostic also identified the existing institutional mechanisms for the prevention of violence against human rights defenders and the tools available to local actors for risk mitigation. 

The full Toolkit website is available here: