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Discover DCAF’s Security and Human Rights Implementation Mechanism (SHRIM)

DCAF is pleased to share the 2020 Annual Report of its Security and Human Rights Implementation Mechanism (SHRIM).

While the COVID-19 pandemic affected human rights and development programming all over the world in 2020, DCAF’s Security and Human Rights Implementation Mechanism (SHRIM) ramped up to unprecedented levels. Here are some key takeaways:

  • In 2020, the SHRIM oversaw the implementation of 23 projects, including 19 projects implemented in 8 countries.
  • The SHRIM received and implemented funds equalling CHF 824,000 – it’s highest level of annual implementation spending to date.
  • The SHRIM welcomed the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a new donor, joining SHRIM members Norway, the Netherlands, the UK and Switzerland.
  • We have special features on projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo that demonstrate how multistakeholder groups increase security and prevent and redress security and human rights abuse and projects in Colombia and Timor-Leste that identified the gendered negative human rights implications of major extractives projects and the need for ensuring women’s equal participation in company-community outreach.

The SHRIM supports multi-stakeholder engagement across business, governments and civil society that contributes to security, development and respect for human rights in fragile contexts.

Supporting security and development projects in fragile contexts, the SHRIM fosters public-private cooperation at local, regional and international levels. To ensure the sustainability of its projects and multi-sector partnerships, the SHRIM prioritizes local ownership, knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Please access the annual report here