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DCAF approved as Permanent Observer during the Plenary Meeting of the Voluntary Principles Initiative

From 17-20 May 2022, DCAF attended the annual plenary meeting of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights Initiative. DCAF contributed actively to various plenary sessions, including facilitating exchanges with government delegations and civil society partners. These discussions showcased the positive impact that in-country multi-stakeholder working groups can have on security and human rights risk identification and mitigation, featuring examples from the DRC, Mozambique, Nigeria, Colombia, and Peru.

DCAF also showcased the new edition of the Toolkit for Addressing Security and Human Rights Challenges in Complex Environments. DCAF also organized a meeting of the Steering Committee of DCAF’s Security and Human Rights Implementation Mechanism in the margins of the plenary,  as well as an interactive exchange with members of the Mining Association of Canada. At the conclusion of the Plenary, DCAF was unanimously approved as a Permanent Observer to the Initiative, acknowledging its contributions over the past decade to strengthening security and human rights through this multi-stakeholder framework.