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Podcast: Five Key Elements of Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice

Conflict has significant impacts on business, and vice versa.

In this podcast, Claude Voillat of the International Committee of the Red Cross shares five key messages for businesses operating in conflict-affected contexts:

  1. International humanitarian law is very relevant to companies operating in conflict-affected contexts; it provides protections, but also imposes legal obligations.  
  2. A solid and sincere human rights due diligence effort will naturally capture obligations relating to international humanitarian law.
  3. Heightened due diligence should be conflict sensitive; this means companies should seek to understand their connection to conflict dynamics.
  4. In conflict-affected contexts, companies will never be perceived as neutral actors.
  5. Generosity and humanitarian donations should complement responsible business practices, not replace them; first and foremost, companies should ‘do no harm’.

Security arrangements are a particularly high-risk area for companies operating in conflict-affected contexts; visit the Security and Human Rights Toolkit to learn more.

Listen to the podcast here!