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High-level Voluntary Principles delegation in Mozambique

From 7 to 11 November, DCAF and the Centre for Democracy and Development coordinated a high-level visit of the Voluntary Principles Initiative (VPI) to Mozambique. Following meetings with the Ministers of Justice and Defence, the delegation participated in a high-level public event to raise awareness about the Voluntary Principles and further initiatives linked to business, security and human rights. The visit concluded with a meeting of Cabo Delgado technical working group on the Voluntary Principles, gathering international extractives companies, regional government and Civil society actors, where the delegation heard first-hand accounts about the security and human rights situation in Cabo Delgado and shared key successes, challenges and lessons learnt from other contexts. Through bringing together representatives of the Government, corporate and civil society pillars of the VPI, the visit made important progress in strengthening support for in-country implementation, opening discussions about Mozambique joining the VPI, and gaining a better understanding of the context in Cabo Delgado Province.


Photo: group picture of the VPI visiting delegation after meeting with the Mozambican Minister of Defence, Cristóvão Artur Chume (front row in the centre). The delegation was composed of representatives from the UK, Switzerland, ICoCA, DCAF, and the NGOs LITE-Africa and Fund for Peace.