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Implementing responsible security management in complex environments: A discussion with UNGC member companies and expert practitioners

On 9 March, the DCAF-ICRC Partnership co-hosted a webinar with UN Global Compact Network Switzerland & Liechtenstein to explore how companies can manage the security and human rights impacts of their operations or supply chains. The webinar also explored how companies can meet their obligations of responsible security management under mandatory human rights due diligence legislation.

Over 100 participants from companies, non-governmental organisations, academia, and government listened to a panel of experts including:

  • Catherine Pattenden, Group General Manager Social Performance and Human Rights, Glencore
  • Marie-Chantal Kaninda, President of Glencore Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Chairman of Kamoto Copper Company (KCC)
  • Daniel Schönfelder, lawyer in business and human rights and expert on the German Supply Chains Act

The experts shared their insights on:

  • How the Security and Human Rights Toolkit can be applied to identify and resolve security and human rights challenges related to their company operations or supply chains.
  • How extractives companies can identify and resolve challenges in managing their security in conflict-affected and high-risk areas.
  • How new provisions in the German Supply Chains Act will require more companies to examine the human rights impacts of their security arrangements.

Key reflections from the discussion:

  • Companies need to take risk-based approaches when it comes to security and human rights, and there are a variety of tools and guidelines that can help companies to ensure compliance with applicable laws.
  • It is important for companies to understand the risk profile of their assets and to develop a more granular risk profiling for security and human rights.
  • Companies not only need to develop standards and policies in line with international best practice at the headquarter level but also ensure that they are understood and applied throughout their business operations, with a particular emphasis on coordination between corporate security departments and human rights or social performance departments.