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Case Study on Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups and Responsible Security Management

In June 2022, DCAF, the ICRC and the GCBHR will launch cutting-edge practical guidance for companies on responsible security management: The Security and Human Rights Toolkit

The Toolkit launches June 16! Register for our launch event here.

To ensure effective security and human rights due diligence and alignment with standards and best practices, companies should adopt a proactive approach that focuses on prevention of company-community conflicts and includes meaningful consultations and stakeholder dialogue with all potentially affected groups. Multi-stakeholder in-country working groups bring together national and local stakeholders from governments, companies, civil society and communities, with the goal of preventing and resolving security and human rights issues.

This week’s case study explores how one such group navigated human rights abuse by mining police in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It discusses concepts such as:

  • How can companies become involved in working groups?
  • How do working groups prevent and address security and human rights challenges?
  • What are the advantages of working with other stakeholders through in-country working groups?

Read the case study here!

Toolkit Launch Event June 16, 15h CEST - In this Together: How companies, governments and communities can collaborate to address security and human rights challenges

Join us as we launch our revamped Toolkit. This webinar will explore innovative multi-stakeholder approaches taken by companies, governments and civil society to address the human rights challenges in complex business environments. The webinar will demonstrate how the new edition of the Security and Human Rights Toolkit can help companies surmount challenges with public and private security, engage with concerned communities and develop security arrangements with host States. Register Here!

The Security & Human Rights Toolkit offers practical guidance for companies on how to develop responsible security practices in complex environments: a range of operational contexts where social tensions or armed conflicts occur and where governance and the rule of law are weakened. 

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