Challenge Area

Working with Public Security Forces

In many contexts, companies need to work with public security forces in their area of operations. The presence of public security can lead to human rights risks for communities as well as security risks for the company.  

This section helps navigate topics like:

  • How to develop clear memoranda of understanding/agreements with public security
  • How to vet public security forces in fragile contexts
  • How to address gaps or weaknesses in training and equipment 

The good practices included in this Toolkit are not meant to be prescriptive. It is up to the user to evaluate whether they could be feasible, useful and appropriate to the local context in a specific situation on the ground.

Case Studies and Fact Sheets

Partnerships with Public Institutions, Experts and Civil Society: A Case Study from Public Security Training in Kenya

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Sustainability of In-Country Working Groups: How Multi-Stakeholder Input and Engagement Ensures Longevity

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