Challenge Topic

Privatisation of Public Security

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Public security forces providing security for company personnel, operations and assets: balancing the security of the company’s operations with the security of local communities

Good Practices

Ensure that contracts with public security forces are agreed upon with the relevant authorities rather than with individuals. This way, individuals will maintain their status as public security personnel even when providing a service for a company.

Develop a comprehensive company policy on security, human rights and community relations

(see Impacts of company operations on the security of communities – Working with Communities).

  • Develop principles for relations between security forces protecting a project site and the neighbouring communities, clearly setting out roles and responsibilities of public and private security.

Conduct joint meetings and trainings with public and private security to ensure that roles and responsibilities are properly understood

(see Relationship between public and private security – Working with Private Security Providers).

Discuss security arrangements with host communities on a regular basis as a way of monitoring the conduct of public security forces

(see Impacts of company operations on the security of communities  – Working with Communities).

  • Clarify the purpose of security arrangements during community consultations, referring to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.  
  • Establish mechanisms that enable communities to voice their concerns on security arrangements (e.g. through local in-country working groups on security and human rights).
  • Ensure all vulnerable groups are included in these discussions.

Ensure that the company’s operational-level grievance mechanism allows individuals and communities to anonymously report any abuse, including abuses perpetrated by security providers.

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