Case study: TotalEnergies Security Book Platform

Every year in November, TotalEnergies launches their Auto-diagnostic + Risk Assessment (ADRA) campaign. During this process, TotalEnergies identifies countries where operations are exposed to heightened risks relating to security and human rights. The country security officers of these countries receive diagnostic and assessment tools, to be used and returned to the Corporate Security Division, where the data is analyzed.  

This process allows the company to better understand high-risk operating contexts in order to provide support in case of difficulties or obstacles. Recently, the collection of data within the tools has been moved to an online platform, where they are completed and stored in one central place. This also ensures that the Corporate Security Division and country security officers can access the tools completed in previous years and understand trends and developments in context.  The online platform allows users to gather, consolidate, and secure the data received during the ADRA campaigns.